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Supreme, as drawn by Alex Ross

Welcome to this site, which looks at the comic book Supreme run of stories written by Alan Moore.

The Supreme comic book series was started in 1992 by Rob Liefeld. One of Image Comics' founding members, Rob created many titles for the publisher, including this, his own version of Superman.

The title continued under various writers and artists (all under the Liefled art influence) until issue 41. British comic book writer Alan Moore took over the title from then onwards, and reintroduced the characters as if starting the series from fresh.

The series under Moore's direction featured 'flashback' chapters: introducing the rich and varied history of the character that Alan Moore had created for Supreme. The series gained critical and some sales success: it continued with the same team after Liefeld moved all of his titles to his own publishing house... twice!

Eventually, in 1998,  the comic market suffered a slowdown, and Liefeld as a publisher had run out of finances. All of the titles were suspended, and despite a short lived revival a year later the character's last adventures appeared in 2000.

This site has pages on the following storylines:

The Supreme Story of The Year! - learn what happens to the old characters as they get written out of the series and enjoy the excitement of the new Supreme's origin! (Supreme #41 - #52)

19th Dimensional Nervous Breakdown - gasp at the return of the mischievous Szazs! (Supreme #53)

The Ballad of Judy Jordan -cry tears of joy as you learn the fate of Judy Jordan, the long time girlfriend of Supreme! (Supreme #54)

Silence At Gettysburg - learn the horrific tale of how time was altered and how the League of Infinity had to return the timeline to normal (Supreme #55)

Escape From The Hell of Mirrors - A breakout from the Hell of Mirrors by a gang of Supreme's most fearsome foes needs the assistance of the entire Supreme family! (Supreme #56 & Supreme: The Return #1)

A World of His Own - Whatever happened to master villain Darius Dax? (Supreme: The Return #2)

The Three Worlds of Diana Dane - Diana journeys with Supreme and enjoys three advenutes! (Supreme: The Return #3)

And Every Dog Has It's Day - a tale of Radar, the Dog Supreme! (Supreme: The Return #4)

Suddenly... The Supremium Man! - The Supremium Man returns, which can only mean trouble for Supreme! Plus, what is his connection with Billy Friday? (Supreme: The Return #5)

New Jack City - Supreme journeys to a mystical city full of superheroes, supervillains, and monsters! (Supreme: The Return #6)





Plus, Supreme also appeared in these storylines:

Judgement Day - When a superhero is murdered, a trial is held when it appears the murderer is one of their own... (Judgment Day # 1 - #3, Aftermath)

And Suprema was part of the group Youngblood (Awesome Holiday Special #1, Youngblood Vol 3 #1 - #2, Awesome Adventures #1)




Team Supreme as drawn by Alex Ross

Some of the Supreme storylines featured here are available to purchase in collected volumes, click here for further details, as well as links to other useful sites.


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