Credits: Artist: Matt Smith; Flashback by Rick Veitch

Plot: Supreme finds that all the female dogs in Omegapolis are pregnant, and that they are giving birth to supreme-powered puppies!

Tracking down Radar, the dog supreme reveals that he did have twelve and a half seconds of pleasure with all of the bitches in Omegapolis after seeing Supreme and Diana kiss in the previous issue. Radar rounds up all of the puppies and the leave Earth and settle on a planet of their own which they call Fidor.

The issue ends with Diana realising that Ethan Crane and Supreme are one and the same...

The flashback tale is of the League of Infinity on a recruitment drive for new members - the most impressive of which is the mysterious Pilot X-U, but they soon realise that it is one of Supreme's old enemies...

A fun issue which involves the hound supreme, Radar. Some nice little touches here like Radar explaining that he had 'twelve and a half seconds of pleasure' and the fact that when the supreme powered dogs leave Earth they visit the planet that S-1 and Judy Jordan settled on for some assistance.

A welcome return of the flashback tales (which is not related to main Supreme story) shows the League of Infinity on a membership drive. Some of the other recruits include Mata Hari in this enjoyable tribute to those Legion of Superheroes backup stories in the pages of Adventure Comics.

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