Credits: Pencils: Ian Churchill; Inks: Norm Rapmund; Flashback sequence by Rick Veitch

Plot: Bill Friday calls Diana from the mental institution where he was placed after returning from the Hell of Mirrors (in Supreme #53), and arranges to see her at the Dazzle Comics offices. Meanwhile, Darius Dax uses his Enigmatron to retrieve the first Supremium Man from the 1930s.

At the Dazzle Comics offices the Supremium Man arrives shortly before Billy. The pair merge into one being and disappear after they have found a source of supremium...

Billy Friday is brought back and then taken out of the series again in this issue when he merges with the other Supremium Man (Darius Dax being the white Supremium Man of course as revealed in the Supreme Story of the Year).

With this issue Alan Moore reintroduces some villains and characters who would reappear in the new Youngblood series, including Jack-a-Dandy who was residing the same mental institution as Billy Friday.

It looks as if there was more in store for the merged Billy/Supremium Man (where did the character transport to? where was there a new source of supremium?)...

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