Credits: Pencils: Matt Smith, Rick Veitch, Jim Baikie; Inks: Matt Smith, Rick Veitch, Al Gordon, Rob Liefeld

Plot: Taking Diana Dane to the Citadel Supreme, the pair enter the light world of Amalynth. Taking the alter egos of Rolyat Ladnek and Adnil Ladnek, Supreme spots some Beam Bandits committing a crime. Becoming Amalynthian crimefighter Dr Dark, he transforms Diana into Duskwing and together they defeat the bandits.

After returning from Amalynth, the two visit the Time Tower and goto the year 2150 where they meet Supremax, the guardian of Omegaplex and great grandson of Supreme! Captured by two faced (literally) Baxter Frunnt, Diana soon outwits the criminal.

The final journey of Supreme and Diana takes them to the Supremacy itself using an experimental gateway Supreme created. There, Diana meets some of her counterparts as well as a multitude of different Supremes!

The pair return to the Citadel and share a kiss.

Our first visit to the much talked about light world of Amalynth, as we see that Supreme becomes the costumed hero Dr Dark (in honour of his friend Professor Night) when he resides in this place. Lots of Kirby-style art by Rick Veitch in the world of 2150 before a welcome return journey to the Supremacy.


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