Credits: Pencils: Rob Liefeld; Inks: Jon Sibal; Flashbacks by Gil Kane; Stephen Platt & Joe Weems V; Keith Giffen & Bill Wray; Adam Polina & Jon Sibal; Dan Jurgens & Al Gordon

Plot: In 1997 Youngblood member Knightsabre is found unconscious in fellow Youngblood colleague's Riptide's room, covered in blood. Riptide is found murdered. Calling upon the Savage Dragon for aid, the other Youngblood members decide that the superhero community will hold a trial.

There are flashbacks to: 1868 with the costumed western hero Kid Thunder hiding from Deliverance Drue; 436AD in which Bram the Berserk fights against a demon; 1943 where Battlin' Barin and his Roarin' Roughnecks leave their mascot Sam to look after the wounded Phantom Aviator whilst in war torn Africa; 1918 in Africa where the 'White God of the Congo' Zantar takes a package from a skeleton worshipped by a tribe; and 530AD in which the Winter Knight takes a box for Merlin away from Camelot.


Credits: Pencils: Rob Liefeld; Inks: Jon Sibal; Flashback sequences by: Chris Sprouse & Al Gordon; Steve Skroce & Al Gordon; Stephen Platt & Larry Stucker; Jim Starlin & Alan Weiss; Terry & Rachel Dodson

Plot: The trial begins in the Citadel Supreme with Shona Shane (once costumed heroine Lady Day) as the prosecution and Toby King (who is also Skipper, the sidekick to the Fisherman) as the defence.

The defence calls Glory to the stand who explains that when she was a child she and her mother were given the Book of all stories by the god Hermes. The Book contains all tales that are, or were, or ever shall be - after her mother reads through the Book she leaves it in a cave on the newly created planet Earth.

Toby next calls Giganthro of the League of Infinity who is from Earth's distant past. The stone age hero testifies that he saw the Book over ten million years ago in the cave where it was left but that it was lost in a deep chasm.

Troll is then called to the stand where he testifies that he first saw the Book in the fifth century when a warlock named Magnar Teufelsun had the Book but lost it to Bram the Berserker. Troll then journeyed with Bram for many years until it was entrusted into Troll's care before a great battle. Eventually Troll lost the Book in a game of cards to Merlin! Troll tried to retrieve the Book from the Winter Knight when it was moved away from Camelot but failed. The Book was left to the Winter Knight's order, who eventually became the Knights Templar.

Toby reveals that the Book has great relevance to the case as it was seen in a photo of Riptide's room a few weeks ago but was no longer there.

Calling upon the sorceror Maximage to summon the spirit of western Nighteagle from the 1860s, the spirit explains that the Book came into the hands of the mystical Deliverance Drue until it was stolen in 1868 by Kid Thunder (as shown in the previous issue). Drue hunts Kid Thunder down and almost kills him but Drue is removed from history when Kid Thunder crosses his Drue out of the Book! Shortly thereafter the Book is left in an Indian burial ground.

Dr Conqueror is then called to the stand where he testifies that his grandfather, Sir Edward Conqueror, found the Book in 1895 when excavating the burial ground. In 1905 Sir Edward went to Africa in search of his lost brother William, Williams's wife Suzanne, and their son Charles. Sir Edward never found the family and died with the Book in his arms. In 1918, the son Charles who was now called Zantar, finds the Book which he keeps until the 1920s when he gave it to John Prophet.

Just before Toby calls John Prophet to the stand to continue the history of the Book the court is adjourned for the day.

The issue ends with the news that whatever the outcome of the trail, Youngblood is to be disbanded.


Credits: Pencils: Rob Liefeld, Marat Mychaels, Cedric Nocon; Inks: Jon Sibal, Larry Stucker, Norm Rapmund; Flashback sequences by: Jeff Johnson & Dan Panosian; Rick Veitch; Ian Churchill & Norm Rapmund

Plot: Returning to the Citadel Supreme the following day, Toby spots something in a home video of a Youngblood cook-out from a year ago.

Continuing his questioning about the Book of all stories on the stand, Toby calls Blake Baron (the 'Occult Agent') to continue the history of the Book as John Prophet was not in court. Baron tells that John Prophet entrusted the Book to the Phantom Aviator. Relating back to #1, in 1943 Blake Baron's platoon were in Africa with the Phantom Aviator when they left their mascot, Sammy Smith, with the wounded hero whilst they continued on. The Phanton Aviator gives the Book to Sammy just before he is killed in an explosion. Sammy Smith goes on to become the hero Storybook Smith, who was a member of the Allied Supermen of America.

As Blake leaves the stand, Toby reads a letter he has received from the mother of the murdered Riptide, Miranda Creel. The letter reveals that Storybook Smith was her husband and that during the 1950s the Book was stolen. With Storybook Smith as her father, Riptide knew of the Book and of its power.

The wife of Youngblood team leader Sentinel is admitted into court, along with the missing Book of all stories! Toby, reading from the Book, reveals that the Book was stolen by Sentinel's father who gave the book to his soon thinking it worthless. Unhappy with the future the Book showed him, Sentinel changed some of the contents so that he becomes a famous superhero. However, at the Youngblood cook-out the previous year, Riptide must have spotted the Book (as Toby did from the video he watched earlier) and took it back. Sentinel murdered Riptide to regain the Book!

Attempting to escape from the court, Sentinel is apprehended but not before the Book is lost over the side of the Citadel. It is decided that Sentinel should be imprisoned in the Hell of Mirrors.

The last page shows the Book falling to the ground and into the hands of a young woman...


Credits: Pencils: Gil Kane; Inks: Marlo Alquiza

Plot: Kane the Imagineer enter Idea Space where he works on several tales: Youngblood regroup with Shaft, Suprema, Twilight and new heroes Big Brother, Doc Rocket and Johnny Panic to calm down Stormhead (a superhuman who when he gets upset causes adverse weather conditions); Glory, who asks to have a mortal identity; the New Men who battle a magma creature deep under the Earth; Maximage, who calls upon past and future holders of her magical powers; the Allies who have reformed and who combat their dreams; and Spacehunter, who fights a grey skinned alien.

With this miniseries Alan Moore introduces a whole host of new heroes to the Awesome universe, along with a 'macguffin' which ties most of them together - the Book of all stories.

With the history of the Book running throughout the series it also shows us the many characters both old and new in the Awesome universe. Tieing in established characters like Troll and John Prophet in to the series as well as the use of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon it makes full use of the rich tapestry that has been created initially by Rob Liefeld and then expanded and added to by Moore.

There are a few oddities in the series though: why is Toby King called Toby Tyler throughout the first issue, and how is it that Toby, who has been in suspended animation for the past twenty years (his soul having been trapped by Hulver Damik) is able to act as defendant for the trial! Also, John Prophet was going to testify at the end of the second issue when court was adjourned but was not in court in the third issue - however, he manages to make an appearance at the end of the issue!

With this miniseries Youngblood is disbanded, one of their leaders having been revealed as a murderer. However, the Youngblood team would reform in the Aftermath special and Sentinel himself would also return to plague the team. The special also showcases some excellent artwork from Gil Kane as all of the stories in the issue are meant as possible future series. Of them all, Youngblood and (eventually) Glory would make it to their own titles, whilst the Allies was announced as a series but unfortunately never made it.

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