Credits: Pencils: Chris Sprouse; Inks: Al Gordon

Plot: The villains in the Hell of Mirrors plead with Supreme to ask him to release Billy Friday as he 'constitutes a cruel and unusual punishment which violates their constitutional rights' by asking them many personal questions about their childhood for ideas for his new comic book series! As the effects of the supremium Billy was exposed to last issue have worn off, Supreme agrees.

Whilst chatting with Diane Dane in his Ethan Crane identity, Supreme sees that the latest issue of Omniman has changed into the latest issue of Supreme and shows his secret identity!

Immediately going to the offices of Dazzle Comics, Supreme meets Omniman in the flesh who explains that it is Supreme who is a fictional character and proceeds into a fight. With the fight now in the streets of Omegapolis, Omniman transforms into the Sprite Supreme Szazs! The mischievous sprite then proceeds to wreck mayhem in the city until Supreme checks the comic to find out how he defeats the imp. As Szazs can only exist in odd numbered dimensions, Supreme convinces Szazs that he is in a dimension with 4 planes (3 dimensions plus time) and with that Szazs disappears, leaving behind only a single copy of the Supreme comic book.

The first issue with Chris Sprouse on board as the regular artist (although he had worked before on Supreme #50) shows a little more of the world of Dazzle Comics and introduces us to the Sprite Supreme, Szazs!

The character of Szazs adds to the Supreme rogues gallery with this imp who has the ability to do just about anything!

The relationship between Supreme and Diana develops a bit more with this issue in that Diana suggests to Supreme to check the comic to see how to defeat Szazs. We also see the dimension where Szazs exists and some other sprite counterparts of other heroes in the Supreme universe... can it be possible that also Mr Mxyptlk and Batmite exist here?

Supreme meets the character that Ethan Crane draws for Dazzle Comics

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