This issue went to a second printing, as well as a signed edition.


Credits: Pencils: Joe Bennett; Inks: Norm Rapmund. Flashback sequence by: pencils: Keith Giffen; Inks: Al Gordon

This issue is dedicated to Curt Swan

Plot: Returning to Earth, Supreme finds the planet starting to flicker. Confronted by several alternate versions of himself, Supreme is escorted to The Supremacy. Learning that there have been many other versions of Supreme, the current version of the character learns that the Earth periodically goes through 'revisions' in which the character of Supreme is altered.

The 'original' Supreme avatar explains that in 1941 he appeared in limbo whilst the second version took over. Eventually in the late 1960s there were enough Supreme avatars to construct The Supremacy where the discarded Supreme avatars and their supporting cast are transferred to when a new revision occurs.

Told that he is unique because he has visited The Supremacy BEFORE he appears in the 'new' continuity, the current avatar contemplates whether to remain. Deciding to take part in the new continuity, Supreme finds himself in his alter ego of Ethan Crane, an artist for the Omniman comic book published by Dazzle Comics.


Credits: Pencils: Joe Bennett; Inks: Norm Rapmund; Flashback sequences by Rick Veitch.

NB This is the last issue to be published by Image Comics

Plot: Travelling to Littlehaven, Ethan Crane quickly finds the woods in which the meteor fell which gave him his powers. Cue a flashback sequence where we see the young Ethan Crane (an adopted child) fall unconscious when he finds the meteor. With his hair and skin turned white, the young boy is dragged away from the meteor by the family dog, Radar. Fortunately both the child and dog recover although Ethan's hair remains white. Family friend Professor Wells retrieves the meteor and names the substance it is made of Supremium.

Soon after recovering, the family notice that both young Ethan and Radar posses powers far beyond those of mortal men (and dogs!). The young Ethan soon starts a career as Kid Supreme which lasts for several years before Ethan moves away from Littlehaven to the city of Omegapolis. The flashback continues with Supreme constructing the Citadel Supreme, a massive floating palace hidden inside an artificial cloud. In Omegapolis, Ethan Crane gains a job alongside childhood sweetheart Judy Jordan working for radio station K-Zam.

Back in the present Ethan meets Judy Jordan, now in her 70s - pretending to be the son of the Ethan she knew, they goto the derelict Kid Supreme museum where Ethan has another flashback. As Kid Supreme, Ethan remembers fighting against Darius Dax and his Tremendroid where he meets up with the League of Infinity, which Kid Supreme joins.

In the present Ethan is introduced to Judy's granddaughter Hilda, who gives Ethan a picture of Supreme she drew.


Credits: Pencils: Joe Bennett; Inks: Norm Rapmund; Flashback sequences by Rick Veitch; Omniman sequence by Dan Jurgens & Norm Rapmund

NB - This is the first issue published by Maximum Press

Plot: The issue starts off with a page from the latest Omniman comic, drawn by Ethan and written by Britisher Billy Friday. Ethan wonders at the plots that Billy is using but comic book writer Diana Dane explains that as Billy hails from the United Kingdom what else can he expect but weird plots!

Travelling to the Citadel Supreme, a flashback occurs involving the Allied Supermen of America playing a surprise Supreme on the hero in the Citadel.

Going deeper into the Citadel, Supreme is amazed to find his parents still alive and a young Judy Jordan. Attacked by them and another Supreme and Radar the supreme powered hound, he soon realizes that he is fighting suprematons, and deactivates them.


Credits: Pencils: Richard Horie; Inks: Norm Rapmund; Flashback sequences by Rick Veitch and Bill Wray

NB - The cover announces that Supreme has won 2 Overstreet Fan Awards: Best Writer and Best Revamp

Plot: The issue starts with the news that Diana Dane is to take over as writer of the Omniman comic from Billy Friday, to Ethan's relief. Supreme finds his Allies transmitter and activates it. As members of the group arrive, Supreme has flashbacks to 31 December 1949 where the Allied Superman of America are shown the shocking future of the 1950s by a group of gruesome hosts. Within a few months of that meeting the group disbands until 1960 when they reform as the Allies.

With several of the group joining Supreme, they discuss the old days.


Credits: Pencils: J.J. Bennett; Inks: Norm Rapmund; Flashback sequence by Rick Veitch

Plot: Taking Billy Friday to the Citadel Supreme to inspire the writer to create a new comic book series for Dazzle Comics, Billy exposes himself to some of the supremium ore whilst Supreme is away.

After a flashback tale in which we see Supreme battling the Supremium Man, we find that the substance has had an effect on Billy - causing him to grow many hundreds of limbs!

The rate of growth soon causes Billy to expand into most of the Citadel, the only option left is to transport Billy to the prism world of Amalynth where he can recover. Fortunately the staff at Dazzle Comics can still receive scripts from an invigorated Billy via a communication device Supreme supplies.


Credits: Pencils: J. Morrigan; Inks: Norm Rapmund; Flashback sequence by Pencils: Rick Veitch; Inks: Jim Mooney

Plot: When Supreme left Earth in the late 1960s, his young sister Suprema took over as defender of Omegapolis. Finding out that since late 1969 Suprema disappeared when Gorrl the Living Galaxy threatened the Milky Way.

A flashback to a solo tale of Suprema follows in which her archfoe Satana captures her in Hades and impersonates the heroine on Earth causing mischief. Managing to escape with the aid of Lord Sin, they find Satana and force her to return to hell.

Back in the present, Supreme finds his faithful hound Radar in a state of suspended animation near to a black hole. Reviving the dog, the two venture into the black hole and find Suprema sleeping there. Unaware that thirty years has passed since she slept, the trio leave the area as a love sick Gorrl chases them. Explaining that the Living Galaxy needs companionship amoungst his own kind, Gorrl leaves.


Credits: Pencils: J. Morrigan with J.J. Bennett; Inks: Norm Rapmund; Flashback sequence by Rick Veitch

Plot: With Suprema and Radar looking after Omegapolis, Supreme ventures to Star City and visits Kendal Manor. Greeted by faithful butler Pratap, Ethan Crane is taken to the catatonic bodies of Professor Night and Twilight.

A flashback adventure in which Supreme and the costumed adventurer Professor Night and his young neice Twilight fight against Darius Dax and Professor Night's arch enemy Jack-a-Dandy. The powers of Supreme are transferred to the non-super powered Professor Night by a device created by Dax whilst Supreme is left powerless. Managing to trick the villains into giving Supreme his powers back (and turning Professor Night to normal) the villains have their own minds transferred into each other's bodies!

After a quick journey to the Citadel, Supreme uses a virtual imaging helmet in the present to aid him to find the mind of Taylor Kendal, the alter ego of Professor Night. Entering thought space, Supreme finds that Taylor's soul has been stolen by old Allies villain Hulver Damik.


Credits: Pencils: Mark Pajarillo; Inks: Norm Rapmund; Flashback sequences by Rick Veitch

NB This is the last issue to be published by Maximum Press

Plot: With the Allies assembled the group go to the Citadel Supreme where they enter thought space to find the soul of Professor Night. Finding the souls of Professor Night, Twilight and other missing heroes, the Allies find that Damik is about to sell the souls to Optilux.


Credits: Pencils: Mark Pajarillo; Inks: Norm Rapmund; Flashback sequences by Rick Veitch (pencils) and Shawn Van Briesen (inks)

NB The credits and copyright notices are duplicated exactly from the previous issue. Thanks to Shawn Van Briesen for notifying me of the correct credits for this issue. Shawn has his own website.

NB This is the first issue to be published by Awesome Comics.

Plot: With the Allies imprisoned by Optilux in light illusions, Supreme has a flashback to when he last met the supernatural hero Jack O'Lantern whilst journeying in deep space in 1971. The confrontation with Jack O'Lantern causes Supreme to suffer amnesia for the next 20 years.

Managing to free himself and then the rest of the group from the illusions, Supreme also frees the captured souls of the heroes taken by Damik. Whilst Damik escapes, Supreme imprisons the light-based Optilux into a large crystal.


Credits: Pencils: Chris Sprouse; Inks: Al Gordon; Flashback sequences by Rick Veitch

NB This issue also features some pinups of Supreme and the other cast

Plot: Whilst at Diana Dane's apartment to discuss future issues of Omniman, Ethan Crane has several flashbacks to 1962 when Supreme built the Possibilitron. This computer, which shows future possibilities, shows Supreme what would happen if he marries any of the women that he has feelings for...


Credits: Pencils: J. Morrigan; Inks: Norm Rapmund and Al Gordon; Flashback sequences by Rick Veitch

Plot: Whilst defeating mechanoid Cyberzerk, Supreme has a flashback to the early 1960s when he escorts Judy Jordan around a Supreme theme park, where he remembers the many villains he had faced.

In the present, Judy Jordan and Hilda fly upto the Citadel (tracking the Citadel with the picture that Hilda gave Supreme back in #42). Breaching the defences, the pair wait for Supreme to arrive. Rushing to find his suprematons destoyed by Hilda, Supreme is sent to the Hell of Mirrors by Judy.



Credits: Pencils: J. Morrigan and Mark Pajarillo; Inks: Norm Rapmund.

Plot: Discovering that the body of Judy Jordan is in fact inhabited by the consciousness of Darius Dax, Supreme is taken further into the Hell of Mirrors. Taking control of the Citadel, Dax begins an assault on Omegapolis. Suprema, Radar and the Allies breach the Citadel, but find that Dax has transferred his consciousness to the invincible body of Magno.

This issue also presents several short stories, including a tale of Squeak the Supremouse (with art by Kevin O'Neill) assembling a baseball game in the Supremacy; and a flashback tale of Suprema's induction into the League of Infinity (with art by Jim Mooney)


Credits: Pencils: J. Morrigan; Inks: Al Gordon

Plot: The League of Infinity join the fight against Dax in Magno's body and manage to free Supreme from the Hell of Mirrors. Whilst this is happening, Billy Friday is transported back into the Citadel having fully recovered from the effects of the supremium exposure back in #45. Unfortunately Billy is immediately exposed again to supremium which Dax has taken and Supreme is forced to send Billy into the Hell of Mirrors. Having exposed himself to the supremium, Dax/Magno starts to transform and also creates a time hole into which he falls. The assembled group of heroes see Dax appear in Littlehaven in 1958 as the Supremium Man where he exposes himself again to supremium and continues to transform and falls back in time. The astounded group see that Dax becomes the supremium meteor that falls in Littlehaven in 1925 that causes young Ethan Crane to gain his supreme powers!

The issue also features short stories with Rick Veitch as artist in which we see the secret origin of the Professor Night/Supreme team and a 'proposed lost' Supreme newspaper strip in which the hero faces some familiar comic strip characters of the 1930s and 1940s.

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