Credits: Pencils: Chris Sprouse; Inks: Al Gordon; Flashback sequence by Gil Kane

Plot: Ethan Crane awakes to find the world strangely different, his alter ego is called the Supremacist and the city resembles the deep south of over a hundred years ago in terms of race relations. Travelling to the Citadel, Supreme goes into the Time Tower to find the levels shattered. Managing to gather the other members of the League of Infinity, they find that League member Wild Bill Hickok has shattered the timeline by aiding General Lee to win the American Civil War!

The only solution to repair the timeline is to go back to before Hickok started to alter events and stop him...

Making good use of the League of Infinity, the team have to vote before taking drastic action to prevent Hickok from changing the timeline. The flashback tale by Gil Kane showing the events that Hickok took to ensure that Lee wins the Civil War makes excellent use of Kane's talents for western tales, although it is difficult to believe that all the materials were readily available to build a detonate a nuclear bomb in Washington in 1863!

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