Credits: Pencils: Chris Sprouse; Inks: Al Gordon; Flashback by Rick Veitch

Plot: Using the laptop PC left by Billy Friday when he was in the Hell of Mirrors, the Televillain escapes and frees a gallery of villains including: Shadow Supreme, Slaver Ant, Korgo and Sentinel (imprisoned since Day of Judgment). The Televillain then steals the crystal containing Optilux that Supreme imprisoned him in in Supreme #49. Suprema arrives at the Citadel unaware of what has happened until she faces Shadow Supreme who has killed Radar. After a battle between the two, Supreme himself arrives and knocks his evil shadow duplicate off the Citadel before having a flashback to when the Hell of Mirrors was created in 1954. Supreme and Suprema face off against the escaped villains in Omegapolis when Optilux appears, having been freed by the Televillain...


Credits: Pencils: Chris Sprouse; Inks: Al Gordon

Plot: With Korgo taking over the White House in Washington, Suprema manages to defeat Optilux by using his own weapon against him to send him to light world of Amalynth. Supreme knocks out the Televillain using static electricity whilst Shadow Supreme has his right hand bitten off by Radar! The hound reveals that Shadow Supreme only destroyed a Radar suprematon rather than the genuine article. The team then track down and capture Slaver Ant who was building her army of child slaves and they subdue Korgo and the terrified Shadow Supreme (with hand missing) at the White House.

Not since the Supreme Story of the Year had a story taken more than a single issue, but unfortunately there was over a year's delay between the first part of the tale and the conclusion. Unfortunately shortly after Supreme #56 appeared, Awesome Comics like many publishers at the time faced recession and for a while it looked as if Supreme would end with #56. However, the series returned with the appropriately titled "Supreme The Return" and after a couple of pages recapping #56 continued where it left off!

In the issue there are several amusing and interesting incidents - the Televillain murders a popular character called "Monica" on a sitcom but gets beaten up by fans of the show himself after Supreme knocks him out; Sentinel escapes with the other villains but promptly disappears and does not appear in the rest of the story, he would later reappear in the Youngblood series; the Hell of Mirrors is based on the mirror dimension that Supreme visits in the flashback in which he meets characters from the Alice series by Lewis Carroll.

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