Credits: Artist: Jim Starlin

Plot: Darius Dax awakens after becoming the the supremium meteorite and crashing in Littlehaven in 1925. To his astonishment he finds himself in the perpetually dark realm of Daxia, which contains many alternate versions of himself.

Darius Dax discovers that the universe seems to undergo 'revisions' on a regular basis - this causes the Dax of the time to disappear from the planet and appear in Daxia whilst another new Dax takes their place. Testing an experimental dimensional doorway, Darius is able to return to the Earth in 1997 and plans his revenge against Supreme.

An issue without Supreme, but it shows the counterbalance of the Supremacy with Daxia - where all the outdated Dax's are transferred to.

With some good artwork from Jim Starlin (who manages to work in a cameo for Pip the Troll), this issue has many resemblences to Supreme #41 showing the Supremacy.

From an interview published with Alan Moore on the now defunct Mania website, he reveals that there would have been a battle between the heroes of the Supremacy against the villains of Daxia... from the chronology given in the interview this would have started in Supreme The Return #7!

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