Credits: Pencils: Steve Skroce; Inks: Larry Stucker

Plot: Shaft tells of how Youngblood was reformed by billionaire Waxey Doyle. With the team now consisting of Shaft (the only member from the original group); Big Brother (Waxey Doyle's adopted son, Leonard, who controls a series of robo bodies); Twilight (Linda Kendell, the sidekick to Professor Night); Suprema (the supreme powered adopted sister of Supreme); Johnny Panic (John Paneczik, who can create holograms with his costume); and Doc Rocket (Rachel Richards, who possesses super speed).


Credits: Pencils: Steve Skroce; Inks: Larry Stucker

Plot: Twilight calls on the team after there is a fracas in Star City. Twilight's body is taken over by Occupant, a space born organism that tries to find the strongest host. Doc Rocket and Suprema arrive first on the team and Twilight is subdued, but not before Occupant takes over Suprema. With the rest of the team fighting Suprema, Johnny Panic uses his hologram suit to disguise himself as Supreme so that Occupant moves from Suprema into him. Shaft immediately knocks out Johnny Panic before Occupant realises the deception. Blake Baron arrives with his top secret organisation and transfer Occupant out of Johnny.

NB This issue shipped with 12 different covers!


Credits: Pencils: Steve Skroce; Inks: Larry Stucker

Plot: Suprema and Twilight are defeated by Satana and Lounge Lizard who are part of a new evil Youngblood team. Doc Rocker and Johnn Panic are subdued by Speedwell (another speedster) and his sister Poppy (an illusionist). Shaft and Big Brother get beaten by Sentinel (who escaped from the Hell of Mirrors in Supreme #56), and uranium giant monster Atomo.

With all of Youngblood captured, it is upto Waxey Doyle to become the costumed hero Waxman again to distract the evil Youngblood team whilst the others free themselves. Youngblood manage to defeat the evil team, but not before most of the villains are able to escape.

NB This was the last issue of Youngblood Volume 3


Credits: Pencils: Steve Skroce; Inks: Larry Stucker

Plot: An army of Jackettes (female assistants to Jack-a-Dandy) attack the team and check the Youngblood computer database before they leave. Checking through the files accessed Twilight deduces that Jack-a-Dandy is trying to find some loot lost when he fought the Allies along with some other villains. Checking through the various hideouts of Jack-a-Dandy and his associates they have no success until they break into the abandoned base of Dr Clock. There they see an automated message meant for the Allies before they are attacked by the automatic defences in the building and are seeming destroyed...

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