Platinum Studios page on Supreme - this company holds the licences for the characters. They have added some new pages which include information on Alan Moore's Awesome Comics and a databank of all the characters created by Alan Moore for the Awesome universe.

Unseen Supreme - from New Jack City (page still being built)

Comic Forum review of Alan Moore's Supreme #41 - #48 by Guy Lawley (from 1997)

Village Voice:Books: Eternal Return by Richard Gehr - a review of Alan Moore's run on Supreme

Alan Moore Fan Site FAQ Supreme & Youngblood

Shawn Van Briesen inked the flashback story in Supreme #49, his site shows the pencils, inks and printed pages.

4th Rail review of Supreme: The Return trade paperback.

Ninth Art review of Supreme: The Story of the Year trade paperback

Supreme: How an Average Title Became an Eisner Award Nominee - a page looking at Moore's run on the series.

Checker Book Publishing Group have published the following titles on Supreme:
Supreme: The Story of the Year
Supreme: The Return
Judgement Day

You can also order these titles directly from Amazon:

Supreme: The Story of the Year

Supreme: The Return

Judgment Day

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