Credits: Artists: Rick Veitch (Chapter 1); Melinda Gebbie (Chapter 2); Chris Sprouse and Al Gordon (Chapter 3); Also features another version of chapter 2 by artists J. Morrigan and Al Gordon

Plot: The consciousness of Judy Jordan, dormant in her body for nearly 30 years, is sucessfully revived into a seprematon of a young Judy. At first fighting Suprema in her new supreme powered body, Judy finds love with suprematon S-1, the only other suprematon with independent consciousness which is in the image of Supreme. After their wedding at the Citadel, the two leave Earth and settle on a habitable planet in the Rigel system.

Resolving one of the dangling plotlines from the Supreme Story of the Year - this provides a happy ending for Judy Jordan - once love of the life of Supreme whose body was taken over by Darius Dax. The issue shows us that the suprematons can find happiness and love (or either get destroyed!) even though Supreme himself has trouble himself in that area (see the story in Supreme #50). At first Judy finds it difficult to adjust to life in her new suprematon body, attempting to save Omegapolis from a meteor (although she would have caused damage to the city until Suprema helped her), but with the help of S-1 she adjusts. Judy finds herself falling more in love with S-1 the suprematon than with Supreme himself, who in this issue was hardly around whilst Judy was revived.

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