A fantastic start to the series where Alan Moore introduces The Supremacy where all previous versions of his character exist after each reboot of the comic book series.

The series also introduces the origin for the character, and this interweaves with the origins and conclusions of some of the villains as well in the expert and well handled way that Alan Moore has introduced in other series.

With the art styles for each 'chapter' of Supreme's history done in the style of the old DC Comics' stories gives a sense that the title has run a lot longer than the forty odd issues.

Of course the series is 'inspired' by the Superman stories created in the 1950s and 1960s with it's large cast of supporting characters and villains, but that gives Supreme a familiarity with it that would probably not be present. Indeed, Alan Moore poke a little fun at the expense of comic book writers of today with the 'Billy Friday' character wanting to write 'adult' tales of Supreme - of course soon poor Billy is sent to another dimension!


With this excellent start to the series under Moore's hands, the series promises to be a very interesting read...

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