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The cover to Zagor#1 Created in 1961 by editor Sergio Bonelli (using the pseudonym Guido Nolitta) and artist Gallieno Ferri this western series has proved very popular in it's native Italy where it is still being published today. The cover to 'Zagor contro il Re delle Aquile'
The origin of the character starts with young Patrick Wilding who is the only survivor from a vicious attack by a band of Abenaki Indians that kill the rest of his family.

Seeking vengeance, the child grows up in the Darkwood forest and takes the name of Za-Gor-Te-Nay (this name means "the spirit with the warhammer"). When reaching adulthood, Zagor finds the man who lead the tribe of Abenaki Indians and kills him, only to find that his father whilst in the Army had slaughtered many indians without mercy.

The cover to Zagor#55/56
Cico, the comic relief character in Zagor Vowing to help the weak and oppressed no matter what race they are from, Zagor is joined by humour relief Cico to aid in peace and justice in the forest.

Although having no knowledge of the supernatural, Zagor does posses great strength and also carries guns when it is necessary.

An image from the story 'La Montagna Tragica

Borrowing ideas from Tarzan (Zagor swings on vines and has an unmistakable yell), the Lone Ranger (the western setting and the desire for vengeance after his family is killed), and the Phantom (Zagor lives in the forest in a specially constructed hut in the centre of a swamp), the character appears in his own monthly title as well as regularly appearing in albums and specials. A cover from one of the monthly issues of Zagor

A map showing where the fictional Darkwood forest is located

I came across the character when I purchased a copy of Zagor contro il Re delle Aquile which was released in 2001 as part of the characters' 40th anniversary.

There are a several Italian web sites on the character - one of the best and most informative is Darkwood Online.

Zagor Club

With thanks to Alexander A. J. Heinemann for assistance.

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