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Master Man appeared one month after Captain Marvel. In the seven-page origin story drawn by Harry Fiske we are told: "Introducing to the readers of the world's biggest comic book -- the world's greatest hero: Master Man! Stronger than untamed horses! Swifter than raging winds! Braver than mighty lions! Wiser than wisdom, kind as Galahad is Master Man, the wonder of the world! As a boy, young Master Man was weak until a wise old doctor gave the youth a magic capsule, full of vitamins, containing every source of energy known to man! The boy becomes the strongest man on earth! Upon the highest mountain peak he built a solid capsule made of solid rock! From there he sees all evil in the world and races to destroy it instantly!"

Master Man could not fly, but he could outrun a falling bomb, a speeding automobile, and the aforementioned raging winds. He lasted for the first six issues of MASTER COMICS; his claims to fame being include being dropped due to a lawsuit from National Comics (emboldened by their previous success against Wonder Man) and the conspicuous part of the anatomy which he is grasping of the damsel in distress he is rescuing, on the cover of his first appearance...

The cover to Master Comics #1

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